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WELDED WIRE MESH                      Used for concrete weight coating

Offshore pipeline counterweight steel wire mesh is a special welded wire mesh. It plays a role in strengthening, counterweight and protecting offshore oil and gas pipelines. Our company focuses on the production, research and development and service of pipeline network Our company has a complete set of advanced production lines with an annual production capacity of more than 5.5 million square meters, and is equipped with a complete set of testing equipment and detection means such as tensile testing machine, bending testing machine, zinc coating detector, etc., to ensure that the pipeline steel mesh meets the requirements of relevant domestic and international quality and standards

Our company has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification, and has long - term cooperation with many authoritative third parties

Our company has rich construction experience and provides technical support and service for customers at the same time

"Customer First" and "Strive for Excellence" are our constant business philosophy and original intention


The pipe counterweight mesh is a special type of steel wire mesh, which has special requirements and standards from material to process to use. The raw material of steel mesh of our company adopts high-quality low carbon steel wire, which comes from large-scale steel plant, so as to ensure the durable and stable mechanical properties. Furthermore, we have formulated the inspection requirements covering the whole process, No link is missed. No matter the raw material, solder joint strength, zinc layer thickness and other index parameters meet or exceed the requirements of relevant standards. Inspection standards: GB / T701, ASTM A641, GB / T1499.3, GB / T228, GB / T238, ASTM A370,  ASTM A810, ASTM A185,ASTM A82, ASTM A1064

At present, our company's pipeline network quality and production capacity have ranked among the first supplier echelon of China's pipeline network. Under the premise of ensuring quality, we can undertake large orders and supply goods in time and quickly


1. There are four specifications of hn-n, hn-t, hn-l and hn-w. other styles can be customized. 

2. It can produce all kinds of wire mesh products with wire diameter of Φ 1.6 ~ Φ 2.85.

3.The packing length of each coil is 110-295m.  

4. The quality of zinc coating on steel wire is up to 300g / m2.

welded wire mesh used for concrete weight coating
welded wire mesh used for concrete weight coating
welded wire mesh used for concrete weight coating


1. The appearance of the product is neat, regular and bright. The mesh is tightly bound and firm. The solder joint is firm and convenient for transportation and stacking

2. The quality of steel mesh products shall be inspected before delivery, and the third party inspection report can be provided if necessary

welded wire mesh used for concrete weight coating


1. Please store the steel mesh in a dry and rain proof place before storage or use

2. When using forklift for handling and unloading, please avoid scraping the mesh of steel mesh by forklift gear, which will cause deformation and damage of mesh position, which will bring difficulty and influence to construction

3. Operators must wear necessary protective equipment during construction.

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